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Working on the cover for Stargazer Volume 2

Stargazer Volume 2 will be arriving in stores in mid-October. Still quite a bit to do before then, but I'm very pleased to say that everything is finished now. All pages penciled and inked and I just finished touch-ups to the lettering. I still need to put the book together and get the bound proof copies, but that should be happening over the next few weeks. The ISBN has also been secured (it's 978-0-9781237-4-1). Slowly but surely it's coming together and I've now got a mock-up of the cover for volume two now:

Stargazer Volume 2 Cover Mock-up

Stargazer Trailer

TV Interview

Stargazer PDF Order Form (click the image)

Order form for Stargazer

Stargazer Information

Volume Two Diamond Code: AUG111259

Volume Two ISBN: 978-09-781237-4-1

Volume One Diamond Code: AUG111260

Volume One ISBN: 978-0-9781237-2-7

Each volume is priced at $14.95 US each and both contains black and white illustrations throughout. Volume One is 122 pages and Volume Two is 110 pages.

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