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Odds and ends

Copies of Stargazer Volume 2 are making their way out to distributors and have started to show up in various stores, too.

I'm trying to stay on top of it and there's a "known" list of stores, both brick and mortar and online, carrying Stargazer available here. Or by clicking the "retailers" button above.

Mike Levin (of Unfolding fame) did an interview with me that's now online right here. An excerpt:

"That’s not to say that Stargazer is dense; in fact it’s just the opposite as Allan bounces among multi-aged readers. But it is a story with deep meaning if you want to go searching, something the novelist will ask from his next project: the idiosyncrasies of capitalism."

Also, Chuck O'Donnell from the New Jersey-based newspaper The Montclair Times wrote an article on all-ages comics and said some very nice things about Stargazer:

"'Stargazer' by Von Allan (Von Allan Studio): Although Marni, Sophie and Elora are transported to an alien world, Allan's realistic portrayal of young, female protagonists captures fleeting moments of the human condition: fear and joy, loss and hope."

Lastly, Christian Marcoux of Perspectives Vanier (a community newspaper in my neighbourhood) took the following photo to go with an article that will run in December. Neat, huh?

Stargazer Trailer

TV Interview

Stargazer PDF Order Form (click the image)

Order form for Stargazer

Stargazer Information

Volume Two Diamond Code: AUG111259

Volume Two ISBN: 978-09-781237-4-1

Volume One Diamond Code: AUG111260

Volume One ISBN: 978-0-9781237-2-7

Each volume is priced at $14.95 US each and both contains black and white illustrations throughout. Volume One is 122 pages and Volume Two is 110 pages.

Retailers carrying Stargazer

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